Eulogy to Russell, from Chris

Club co-founder, Chris Manhal, has written a eulogy to Russell MacDonald, who passed away last month.

Hi folks,

I would have liked to have spoken these words at the time I attended the memorial service in Ballarat for my good friend, Russell MacDonald. Unfortunately, the stars did not align, so post-written words will have to suffice.

I had the privilege of meeting Russ (through the SR Club) many years ago, and over the ensuing years, he became a valued and reliable friend, as was attested by the many fine folk who attended his service on the day.

My timing was fortunate, as I visited Russ in hospital only a day before he sadly passed away.

During my visit, I learned something of the man I did not already know – we were kindred spirits in our love of a good jam doughnut. 😊

So Christine and my partner Nicky went to get a few bags of fine jam doughnuts, from a shop they found in Ballarat. Meanwhile, Russ and I talked on. At one point in our conversation, he looked up at me and said, “I didn`t realise I touched so many people”, to which I replied, “You’re a good man Russell”, and at the end of the day, that is the simple truth.

Our partners returned with the best doughnuts, and the image of Russ so absolutely enjoying the doughnuts is indelibly etched in my mind. As sad as it all is, this good man enjoyed life as well as possible to the end.

Rest in peace.

Your friend, Christov. 😌