How do I join this Club?

For an SR500 Club membership application form, click here. Print it out, and fill in the important bits. There’s an initial joining fee of $25 which covers the cost of a club T shirt and sticker – slightly more for overseas members (because of the postage, sorry). The annual membership fee is also $25, due on July 1st each year.

If you’re joining (or renewing) at any time other than from July 1st, we offer pro rata membership fees. Membership is essentially $2 per month, so work out how many months from the date you’re joining (or renewing) until next July 1st, and multiply by two (e.g. if it’s the beginning of August, it’d be $23; if it’s-mid September, it’d be $20).


Fees can be paid by:

  1. Cheque, made payable to ‘SR500 Club Australia Inc’.
  2. Australia Post money order, made payable to ‘SR500 Club Australia Inc’.
  3. Direct Bank Deposit. Westpac, BSB 033 068, Acct. No. 164061. Please confirm by entering your name and membership number in the Reference field, or e-mail us at to let us know that payment’s been made.
  4. In person at a Club meeting, or at the Rally.
  5. Well-wrapped cash through the post has been used on the rare occasion.
  6. International members can use PayPal. Send payment to

Melbourne | Australia