EOI: Name badges

Last chance to respond if you’re interested. We will close ‘Expressions of Interest’ at the end of September.

First published 25 July 2023:

If you have attended our annual Rally at Bethanga, it can be difficult (and potentially embarrassing!) trying to remember the names of other members of the Club who you may only see once a year. This issue may be amplified if you also attend events or meet-ups during the year with other motorcycle clubs.

You may have noticed that some other motorcycle clubs (e.g. the VJMC) employ the use of name badges to help alleviate this issue.

Subsequently, we are now seeking Expressions of Interest from any members who wish to purchase an SR500 Club-branded name badge (at a nominal cost per person, yet to be determined).

Please email the club at sr500clubau@gmail.com if you are interested.