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Club-owned tools

Did you know that the Club owns a selection of special tools that members can borrow?

  • Flywheel puller
  • Clutch holding tool (part no. 90890-04086)
  • Magneto rotor holder (part no. 90890-01235)
  • Crankcase separator (part no. 90890-01135)
  • Tappet spanner
  • Engine stand

Please e-mail the Club ( if you wish to borrow any of these tools.

Online Club Permit Renewals

On 31 July 2020, VicRoads launched new digital functionality that enables Club Permits to be renewed online with a myVicRoads account (if you don’t have a myVicRoads account, go to to find out more).

The new online service removes the need for Club Permit holders to visit a Customer Service Centre or to renew via mail.

How to renew a Club permit online

  1. Organise for your renewal notice to be signed by an authorised officer of the Club to declare that you are a current member. Authorised officers of the SR500 Club are the President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. A Club scrutineer cannot sign a renewal unless they are also a nominated authorised officer. If you’re unable to organise for your renewal notice to be signed by an authorised officer, you can request a Club permit endorsement form be completed, signed by an authorised officer and sent/emailed to you instead.
  2. Sign your Club permit renewal notice (you must be the permit holder).
  3. Submit your renewal (and signed Club permit endorsement form, if required) and pay the renewal fee online via your myVicRoads account.

Important information:

Requirements to renew a Club Permit remain the same

The renewal (or Club permit endorsement form) must be signed by an authorised officer of the Club to declare that the permit holder is a current member. The Club Permit renewal must also be signed by the Club Permit holder.

Proof of payment

When a Club Permit is renewed online, the receipt must be printed and kept with the log book received with renewal. The receipt may need to be produced as proof of payment.

Changing period of use

If the Club Permit holder wishes to change the period of use from 45 days to 90 days or 90 days to 45 days, the renewal cannot be processed online.

More info and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Virtual monthly meetings

As we cannot currently meet face-to-face for our monthly meetings at the Royal Standard, Melbourne, we are having virtual meetings via Zoom instead, on the last Tuesday of the month, from 7.30pm – open to all current, financial members of the Club! If you wish to participate, please email the Club prior to the meeting you wish to attend (, and closer to the time, before the day of the meeting, we’ll send you the Zoom logging in instructions.

Typical agenda items are:

  • Apologies
  • Business arising from previous minutes
  • Treasurer’s report
  • General / new business


Recommended reading

With the sad demise of Motorcycle Trader magazine in April 2020 after 26 years in business, many of us are missing the quality content produced by the editorial team, many of whom, coincidentally, are members of the SR500 Club, e.g. Chris Harris, Grant Roff, Guy Allen, and Greg Leech!

But just because Motorcycle Trader is gone, doesn’t mean that the guys have stopped writing. It just means that they’ve found other ways to publish their work, which are freely available for us to enjoy!

Below is a selection, and we thoroughly recommended you take a look, and maybe consider showing them your support by following their websites, adding them to your internet favourites, and liking them on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube (or all of the above)! We’re sure they’d appreciate having you on board! Enjoy!

Paris Dakar Melbourne, Chris Harris

AllMoto, Guy Allen

Info Moto, Greg ‘Snag’ Leech


COVID-19: Monthly meetings temporarily suspended

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic and associated social distancing and venue restrictions, we have no choice but to temporarily suspend our monthly meetings*, with immediate effect, and until further notice.

Please do follow Federal and State/Territory Government health department pandemic and social distancing advice to ensure you, your families, and communities are safe.

Until such time as the pandemic situation de-escalates, life returns to normal, and we can once again meet as a Club, please… stay safe and stay healthy!


Please watch the Club website and social media channels, and the Victorian Department of Health website for updates.

*The venue of our meetings, The Royal Standard Hotel, West Melbourne, remains open for takeaways & deliveries, only. Lucy & Frank will gladly take orders for their delicious meals over the phone – we’re sure they’d appreciate your business during this difficult time.




Mike Cowie has moved house!

Club member, Mike Cowie, has moved house!

Mike is no longer living at 38 Grant Street, Brighton East (having recently moved south to Mt Eliza).

To anyone who ever posted Club correspondence (e.g. membership applications, renewals, or Club Permit renewals) directly to Mike when he was Treasurer, please do not use his old Grant Street address anymore.

All correspondence to the Club must be posted to:

SR500 Club Australia, PO Box 500, Braeside, VIC 3195


2019 Rally Report

The Rally was a great success again this year!

Thanks to three days of fine weather and daily temperatures of 30°C, attendance was good (~125 people signed in), and there was a great selection of bikes on display!

Show ‘n’ Shine

At Saturday’s Show ‘n’ Shine, there were eight award categories. Congratulations to the following winners!

  • Best stock SR – Mathew Rode (1984 SR500), again!
  • Best modified SR – Steven Findlay, again!
  • Best XT/TT 500 – Brendan van de Zand
  • Best 4/5 valve (XT/TT/SZR/SRX 600/660) – Mark ‘Alistair’ Cumberland (SZR660)
  • Best non-SR – Chris Rowley (Honda Super Hawk), again!
  • Peoples’ choice – Bruce Reid (Honda CBX)
  • Best rat bike – Gary Cuthbert (SR500)
  • Longest distance – Drew Jackson (all the way from Warwick, QLD)

Saturday night raffle

A number of companies kindly donated items for Saturday night’s raffle, resulting in many lucky people winning some great prizes!

A big “thank you” to everyone who donated prizes:

  • Andy Strapz, Seaford (VIC)
  • Deus ex Machina, Camperdown (NSW)
  • KEDO Parts Australia, Raymond Terrace (NSW)
  • Ikon Suspension, North Albury (NSW)
  • Vanem, Lane Cove (NSW)
  • Yamaha Australia
  • Motorcycle Trader magazine, Oakleigh (VIC)

Annual General Meeting

At Sunday’s AGM, nominations for the Committee were heard, and the following elections were made:

  • President: Jeff Gillman
  • Vice President: Paul Newbold
  • Treasurer: Craig Lemon
  • Secretary: Mike Haysom

Congratulations to Jeff Gillman, Paul Newbold, and Mike Haysom (who retain their positions as President, Vice President, and Secretary, respectively), and to Craig Lemon, who takes on the role of Treasurer, after Mike Cowie chose to stand down. Thanks, Mike, for all your work managing the Club’s finances, memberships, etc., these last five years.

Monthly Club Rides

Being a ‘social club’, we wish to encourage Club members to meet up and ride together on a regular (or, at least, semi-regular!) basis.

The Club endeavours to schedule rides for the third Sunday of the month (unless riding to a specific event).

However, we also need the support of members to make this work! Everyone has a favourite ride, or bit of road! If anyone would like to come forward with a suggestion for a ride, and/or would like to lead a ride, please let us know, or specifically, our Club Ride Captain, Tony Jones (0419 150 669).

Tony will happily assist anyone in bringing an idea to fruition, i.e. choosing a date, ride leader, meeting point (see suggestions below), and advertising the ride on the Club website.

A ride doesn’t always have to be to far flung destinations, hundreds of kilometres away. You may wish to suggest meeting up for breakfast somewhere in Melbourne so that the commitment is only for a few hours, and not the whole day. Overnight and/or interstate rides are also options, but would obviously require a bit more commitment and planning.

Some suggested meeting points:

  • BP Western Fwy, Rockbank
  • BP Calder Fwy, outbound
  • BP Cooper St, Epping
  • United West Gate Fwy, inbound
  • United West Gate Fwy, outbound
  • Naked Racer Café/Antique Motorcycles, Cheltenham

Final request: The Club would like a brief report following each ride, for posting on the website, from someone who attended. A photo or two would be good too.


Speed Week 2019 – Good luck, Brian!

Speed Week at Lake Gairdner, South Australia, runs Monday, March 4 to Friday, March 8, and returning to the salt in 2019 is Brian Fullard from Melbourne, with his heavily modified 1976 Yamaha TT500!

Brian will be trying to beat the record of 121.237 mph that he set in 2016 in the ‘M-F 500‘ category.

He will also be competing in the ‘MPS-F 500‘ category (see pic), trying to beat the current record of 128.608 mph (set in 2017 by Mark Youman from Townsville on a 1990 ‘Yamasaki 500’).

We wish Brian all the best in his record-breaking attempts!

More info at