1. Lubricants

Which oil should you use in your SR500?

As a minimum, you should use a good quality 20W/40 multigrade motorcycle engine oil in you SR engine. Shell Helix 20W/50 got a couple of raves, but also a few negative comments based on how bad Shell XMO was when it was released, and some negative experiences with Shell Advance. Out of left field, Motul 3100/3000 was praised by SR racer, Andy Brebner, and there was general agreement that Penrite HPR 30 (or 40 or 50 for that matter, depending on whether it’s summer or winter) was a reliable performer. Spannerman likes Castrol GP, but there was some criticism of this product related to experiences of foaming. Almost nobody thought synthetic oils had any real advantages for SR engines. Oil change periods also varied, with the lowest being 2,000 km, and the highest being never – although that particular bike features a constant loss lubrication system, meaning any oil in it is almost always fresh! There were some raps for 5,000 km, although all agreed it depends on how you use your bike. If you ride flat out in hot conditions, or if you just make short trips without the engine ever really reaching its normal operating temperature, change the oil closer to the 2,000 km end of the spectrum.

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