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For Sale: Assorted SR500 parts

Type: For Sale
Location: Castlemaine, VIC
Updated: Thursday, 17 June 2021
Price: See below


  • Kedo header pipe, new, unused, SR500, big bore, stainless steel, originally cost AUD$330, see here for details: Kedo Parts Australia, $200
  • Oil dip stick with thermometer, used, $50
  • Mikuni VM34SS carburettor with accelerator pump, complete, new membranes fitted SOLD
  • As new, original, 1986 exhaust (bit dusty) SOLD
  • Air box to carburettor rubber joint, length 77mm, suitable for VM34SS OEM carb, Kedo 28180 SOLD
  • Gasket, header pipe to silencer, Kedo 91310 SOLD
  • Assorted carburettor parts SOLD
  • Round mirrors with arms, left & right, 100 mm, Kedo 50031/32 SOLD
  • Steering bearing kit, Kedo 90008 SOLD
  • Valve lash adjusting flatball screws (1 pair), Kedo 50163 SOLD
  • Fuel petcock repair kit, Kedo 50021 SOLD
  • Intake manifold gasket, Kedo 94010 SOLD
  • Mikuni carburettor accelerator pump diaphragm (pin length 12mm), Kedo 28696 SOLD
  • Bag of jets for Mikuni carburettor with pump SOLD
  • Oil filter service kit SOLD
  • Lower header pipe damper, 2J2-14737-01, Kedo 22363 SOLD
  • Box of various gaskets, seals, spark plugs, etc. SOLD
  • Speedo and rev counter, innards only SOLD

Contact: Egon Westendorf
Phone: 0405 119 149


For Sale: Valve springs and guides

Type: For Sale
Location: Broken Hill, NSW
Date Posted: Sunday, 24 May 2020
Price: see below


David Merritt has the following Kibblewhite (USA) items for sale, to suit a 1976-1981 Yamaha SR/TT/XT 500:

  • 1x High performance Chrome Silicon spring kit, 0.560″ lift, $110 incl. postage
  • 2x Bronze valve guides, 0.001″ oversize, $90 for the pair, incl. postage

Or $190 for the lot, incl. postage to anywhere in Australia.

Contact: David Merritt
Phone: 0427 312 119