Our philanthropy

In 2016, the committee (and a quorum of members) made the decision to begin taking a small portion of the funds collected from members’ membership fees to make annual donations to notable charitable causes.

Each year, a charity is suggested and voted upon by members at monthly meetings in the led up to our rally in November.  Subsequently, the colours chosen for each year’s rally badge often reflect the colours of the chosen charity.

Details of the charities we have supported are shown below.

If you have any suggestions of a charity you would like to see supported, please contact the Club at sr500clubau@gmail.com

YearCharity nameDonation amountLink
2016National Breast Cancer Foundation$500
2017Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia$500
2018Kidney Health Australia$500
2019MS Australia$500
2020Bethanga CFA$500
2021Karungkarni Art and Culture Centre$500
2022Pancare Foundation$1,000
2023Asylum Seeker Resource Centre$1,000