Club Permit Scheme


From 31 January 2015, new Club Permit Scheme regulations for Victoria came into effect, which all new applications must now comply with.

If you already had a motorbike on red plates before 31 January 2015, then there is no change, but make sure you always carry out the annual renewal on time, every 12 months.

For Club members wanting to gain the advantages of the scheme for the first time, there are now more stringent requirements. As always, it is for motorbikes older than 25 years – right now, that means all motorbikes up to 1991. Only motorbikes made before 1947 are exempt from the RWC requirement (more on that below).

New applications:

  1. Get a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC), which may be a long and costly process, but it is necessary, and is the biggest change with the new regulations.
  2. Get a VASS Approval Certificate if the vehicle has never been registered in Australia (e.g. is a grey import), or is modified. There is a list of businesses which offer the VASS service on the VicRoads website. It’s all about bringing your bike up to ADR requirements.
  3. Ask the Club Secretary, Mike Cowie, to confirm to one of the Club Scrutineers (Derek Pickard or Grant Roff) that you are currently a financial member.
  4. Make an appointment to take your motorbike along to either Derek Pickard or Grant Roff who have to verify that the motorbike is indeed the one described on the application. Derek or Grant will also take the necessary three photographs of the motorbike: left side view, right side view, and engine number.
  5. Two forms have to be completed. The application is countersigned by Mike, and ‘eligibility signed’ by Derek or Grant, who keep a stock of pre-signed forms for members’ convenience.
  6. Visit one of the VicRoads offices which issue red plates, taking those forms, and proof of ownership (receipt, etc).
  7. Advise Derek or Grant of your new red plate number within 24 hours.

You are then all set to go, but remember, your log book must be filled in daily prior to each trip. The penalty for riding a red-plated motorbike without filling in your log book is the same as for riding an unregistered vehicle, i.e. $800 and 3 demerit points (the only exception is riding it within 100 mtrs of your home address, for ‘testing’ purposes).

Remember, your motorbike cannot be sold with a red plate still attached, as being just a permit, it is for the one club member and one motorbike.


When you receive your renewal form from VicRoads, ask the Club Secretary, Mike Cowie, or any of the other approved officials (see contact details below), to sign the form to declare that you are a current member of the Club (you must be a financial member!).

Club contacts:

TitleMobile no.
Club Scrutineers
Derek PickardClub member0419 388 075
Grant RoffClub member0424 827 679
Approved officials - for signing of renewal forms
Jeff GillmanPresident0400 187 065
Andy HuntVice President0418 361 810
Craig LemonVice President0404 453 167
Mike CowieTreasurer0400 879 994
Tony JonesSecretary0419 150 669
Paul NewboldPublic Officer0413 019 657


Melbourne | Australia