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Ellaspede SR400 tracker conversion kits

Ellaspede (a custom motorbike and lifestyle business in Brisbane) has just released two Tracker Conversion Kits for the Yamaha SR400.

The kits are designed to be easy enough to bolt on in an afternoon or evening to transform your standard Yamaha SR400 into a custom tracker!

The Seat Conversion Kit and the Complete Conversion Kit are designed for EFI SR400s, but may also be retro-fitted to any SR400 back to 1978. The kits have been designed to be 100% ‘bolt-on’, without the need for any frame modifications, which is beneficial to owners / home-builders who wish to retain factory frame warranties.

The Seat Conversion Kit includes:

  1. UV-rated vinyl seat in diamond pattern finish
  2. OEM-quality rear cowl made from automotive grade plastic
  3. Structural aluminium reinforcement mounting plate
  4. Integrated brake and tail light
  5. Ellaspede SR400 Ninja Star Licence Plate Kit with rear reflector and number plate light
  6. All required bolts and fasteners
  7. Easy plug and play electrics which don’t require cutting or soldering

The Complete Conversion Kit includes all of the above, plus:

  1. SR400 MX-style tracker handlebars
  2. Ellaspede SR400 tracker front guard
  3. GOODS Japan SR400 EFI muffler
  4. POSH speedometer
  5. Ikon Suspension tracker rear shocks
  6. Aftermarket tracker headlight
  7. POSH Chamfer indicators and brackets
  8. Aftermarket mirrors

The kits don’t require any specialist tools, welding, or your own personal mechanic to install! A basic set of hand tools is all you need to unbolt the standard parts and replace them. Customise your bike on a Saturday, and be out riding on Sunday!

The SR400 shown in the photos below (dubbed the ‘White Knight’) was designed to showcase the conversion. Ellaspede took it a little further and designed a Kenny Roberts / Yamaha speed block-inspired livery, and added a tracker front plate, but apart from that, the bike features the Seat Conversion Kit and many of the optional parts from the Complete Conversion Kit as well.

The Seat Conversion Kit rear cowl ships in a gloss black finish as standard, but the factory SR400 grey can be specified as an option at time of purchase. A range of Ellaspede SR400 Tracker sticker kits will also be available to quickly transform the standard grey finish into something a little more ‘racey’, much like applying new stickers to an MX or enduro bike.

The ‘White Knight’ has since been fitted with an Ellaspede SR400 Ninja Star Licence Plate Kit, headlight, indicators and mirrors, ready to hit the city streets and dirt roads around Brisbane!

Both conversion kits are currently being produced and will be ready for shipping from August 2017.

For more details, go to or e-mail Ellaspede at

First Aid for Motorcyclists

Victorian SR500 Club members Ryan and Tony Jones recently attended a ‘First Aid for Motorcyclists’ course, the cost of which is subsidised 50% ($42.50) by the Club for all financial members (see Noticeboard for details).

The course is very professionally run with two instructors and around ten course participants at our session. The lead instructor, Paul Ellis, is an Intensive Care Nurse at the Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre in Melbourne and a Kawasaki Versys-riding motorcyclist. The course is well structured with a preamble covering their sponsors Maurice and Blackburn Lawyers, and the website The nitty gritty starts with an overview of motorcycle road trauma statistics around Australia covering when, why and where motorcyclists come to grief on the road. This is followed by brief presentation from a Maurice and Blackburn lawyer explaining the process involved in seeking compensation for accidental injury both within the TAC system and beyond in civil cases where further compensation is sought. 

The actual First Aid component of the course takes up the majority of the class and focuses on the real world situation where, as a rider, you have witnessed or perhaps come across an accident, and then it steps you through what you need to do to assist the injured people at the scene. This involved detailed sessions on:

  • First Aid responder action plan
  • Casualty management
  • Accident scene management
  • Emergency helmet removal

This was all really good information and we had plenty of ‘hands-on’ time learning how to approach and deal with injured riders, moving them to safety, getting them into the ‘recovery’ position, the correct method of full face helmet removal, CPR, and basic First Aid for bleeding, fractures, and burns. Participants are given some handy course material for future reference which includes a small card for your wallet which outlines what you have been taught. It was recommended that all motorcyclists should download onto their smartphone the free application ‘Emergency +‘ which has the emergency numbers you need, and very importantly, your exact GPS coordinates so you can tell the  emergency services exactly where you are located.

All things considered, the ‘First Aid for Motorcyclists’ course is thorough, well run, and highly recommended for all motorcyclists. It is not a comprehensive St Johns Ambulance-type course, but more of a ‘first responder’ program where you understand how to make the accident scene safe, call for help, make the injured comfortable, and where required, administer some basic First Aid, which may well save a life.

New postal address!

Ever since it’s inception, the Club’s PO Box has been located in The Patch in the Yarra Ranges (which is where Club co-founder, Chris Manhal, happened to be living at the time).

The Club hasn’t had any members who live in The Patch for several years now (Chris included!), and we’ve had to rely on having mail redirected to the Club (the Treasurer lives 40-50 km away from The Patch!). This meant that there were often delays in the Club receiving mail from members (i.e. membership applications, renewals, merchandise requests, etc.).

The Club has decided to change the location of the PO Box to a location which is much more accessible to the Committee. So with immediate effect, our new address is:

PO Box 500, Braeside, VIC 3195

We will keep the PO Box at The Patch open until the end of the year, but please start using our new Braeside address from now on.


Camp at Clunes report

On Saturday, 25 Feb 2017, a half dozen or so members of the Club enjoyed the hospitality of Russell & Christine at their home in Clunes (VIC).

Paul, Jeff, Tony & Craig met at the BP Truckstop at Rockbank at 9:30am as planned, and after coffee, proceeded at a leisurely pace up the Western Freeway to the Ballarat Swap Meet. There we found Andy, Colin, and Darren selling their wares! There were not too many bargains to be had (although Paul managed to pick up a Ford Mustang petrol cap as a memento for $5!). From the swap meet, it was only a short ride to Clunes.

At Russell’s & Christine’s house, we met up with Nick & J’nel, Manny, Chris Phillips, and Denver, and were taken on a tour of the expansive shed/workshop/man-cave which houses Russell’s & Christine’s motorbike collection, bar, table football, and pool table.

A plentiful & scrumptious dinner was provided by Russell & Christine and their neighbourhood friends, and we all had a very pleasant evening.

Paul, Jeff & Tony chose to ride back to Melbourne after dinner, whereas the rest of us stayed the night – sleeping in either the house, the caravan, or the campervan.

Sunday morning, after a yummy cooked breakfast, we all went our separate ways.

Unfortunately, Craig only made it about 35 km before getting a flat tyre near Bungaree. Valiant attempts by Manny to fix the puncture were unsuccessful, so Russell was kind enough to pick up Craig and return to Clunes (and subsequently organise a replacement tyre the following day).

Thank you Russell & Christine for your generous hospitality over the weekend!

MEMBER OFFER: First aid for motorcyclists

The SR500 Club is offering a 50% subsidy to any Club members who wish to attend a ‘First Aid for Motorcyclists’ course. Courses are run year round in most States & Territories (see website for details). Simply book a course with ‘First Aid for Motorcyclists’ at a location near you (date of your choice), pay the $85 course fee, and then send a request to the Club Treasurer for reimbursement of $42.50 (proof of attendance/payment must be provided).

Course details:

First Aid for Motorcyclists is a half day training course developed specifically for riders. Learn the vital skills needed to provide effective accident scene management and immediate roadside first aid until emergency services arrive.

Content is practical and tailored for riders. Training is delivered by highly qualified and experienced first aid instructors who ride.

By the end of the course, you’ll have learned how to safely manage an accident scene, when and how to move a casualty in danger, or perform emergency helmet removal, provide effective CPR, treat a rider with serious traumatic injuries, and steps to prevent accidents occurring in the first place.

Topics covered include:

  • Emergency action plan
  • Accident scene management
  • Moving a casualty in danger
  • Emergency helmet removal
  • CPR practice
  • Wounds, bleeding & bandaging
  • Fractures & crush injuries
  • Burns & shock
  • Head, neck & spinal injuries
  • Common accident scenarios
  • Fatigue & accident prevention

Course duration: 4 hrs

Cost: $85 per person (or $42.50 following reimbursement)

Check out the First Aid for Motorcyclists website for course dates & locations.

TT500 Salt Lake Racer

Mike from YouTube channel, Mike’s Machines, speaks to Brian Fullard about his TT500 salt lake racer.

Brian will be at Lake Gairdner in South Australia for Speed Week 2017 (27 Feb to 3 Mar) to have a crack at breaking the two Australian speed records he currently holds in the 500cc class.

Good luck, Brian!


Blue Print Adventures

If you attended the Club Rally in 2012, you may have met Sam & Clara Rogers, who rolled into Bethanga with their ‘Caffeine Racer’ SR500 to make us delicious coffee over the weekend!

Sam & Clara sold the Crank Coffee business (to Sharlene and Phil Gordon) in 2015, and since then, have been busy converting a Toyota Landcruiser to run on vegetable oil to tour the country in.

To find out more about their adventures, check out their website or Facebook.

Club Ride report (5 Feb 2017)

Tony Jones reports on the Club ride he organised for 5 Feb 2017:

Originally, the ride was to have covered about 320 km through the scenic rolling hills north of Melbourne before stopping for lunch in Alexandra before returning home via Yea, Flowerdale (stopping at the famous pub for refreshments, of course!) and finishing up at Whittlesea. This was changed when I realised the Herald Sun Tour and their support crews would be jamming up the roads in the area… bloody cyclists!  Then there was a bushfire that closed the Bulla-Diggers Rest Road, which was on the revised route, and of course, Melbourne’s infamous weather which had forecast for torrential downpours and severe thunderstorms!  Perfect day for a ride, you say?!

Not surprisingly, given the forecast, the turn up for the ride was minimal.

Jeff Gillman and myself waited at BP AA Calder Hwy Outbound until 9:00am before making our way across to Bulla (via the re-opened Bulla-Diggers Rest Road). Passing through Oaklands Junction, we headed for the Whittlesea coffee stop on twisty backroads via Konagaderra Road, Darraweit Guim, Wallan, and Eden Park on the superb Janna & Glenburnie Roads.

Ugo had just arrived at the coffee stop, so the timing was perfect! While we were enjoying our coffee, there was a very brief shower, which barely wet the road, but it did prompt us to check the weather radar! The plan was to ride to Flowerdale for a counter lunch at the pub via Strath Creek / Kerrisdale / Yea; however, this was scrapped when the radar indicated heavy rain to the north of us, smashing the intended route.  To the south was clear and dry, so we headed for the Coach & Horses Inn, Clarkefield, on some outstanding roads that took us back through Wallan, Romsey, Kerrie Valley, and Riddells Creek.

After a nice pub lunch and an enjoyable ride, we headed back towards Melbourne Airport via Wildwood Road to Oakland Junction, where Jeff and Ugo turned towards the city, while I headed home to Sunbury.

All things considered, and despite dire predictions about the weather, it was a great ride of some 220 km or so on DRY roads under cloudy skies, which kept the temperature down to a very pleasant 27°C. Good roads, great scenery, good company and lots of laughs, and we didn’t get wet! Everything you need for an enjoyable day out on the bikes!

TT XT 500 Muster 2016

The annual TT XT 500 Muster took place in South Australia on 29-30 October 2016, and by all accounts, it was a great success.

Our very own Club Merchandise Manager, Peter Taylor, went along with his XT, and took out the ‘Best 40th Anniversary XT 500’ award. Congratulations, Peter!

The SR500 Club were proud to sponsor the Muster – helping with the cost of metal enamel badges, and donating SR500 Club merchandise for the raffle.

For details and photos of the event, click here.

And if, after seeing the photos, you like the look of the official Muster cap, we believe there may still be some available if you wish to purchase one! Please e-mail Muster Committee member, Kevin Steinert, to check.