Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride (30 Sep 2018)

Date: Sunday, 30 September 2018

Club members are invited to join up and ride together on the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride in Melbourne on Sunday, September 30.

Meet at Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson St, Carlton, at 9:30am, for a 10:00am departure to the start point of the DGR.

From the organisers of the DGR: The DGR departs from The Malthouse Theatre, Southbank, at 10:45am, and you must be registered with the DGR to participate. It is important that details of the ride are NOT shared publicly. There are many liabilities in having details publicly shared and it is important for all riders to be actively registered on the ride. Details for the DGR are restricted due to constraints around capacity. Details will only be available to registered riders via email 24 hrs prior to the ride. Please ensure your contact email is working and valid.

See the DGR website for details on how to register.