New postal address!

Ever since it’s inception, the Club’s PO Box has been located in The Patch in the Yarra Ranges (which is where Club co-founder, Chris Manhal, happened to be living at the time).

The Club hasn’t had any members who live in The Patch for several years now (Chris included!), and we’ve had to rely on having mail redirected to the Club (the Treasurer lives 40-50 km away from The Patch!). This meant that there were often delays in the Club receiving mail from members (i.e. membership applications, renewals, merchandise requests, etc.).

The Club has decided to change the location of the PO Box to a location which is much more accessible to the Committee. So with immediate effect, our new address is:

PO Box 500, Braeside, VIC 3195

We will keep the PO Box at The Patch open until the end of the year, but please start using our new Braeside address from now on.