Snowy Mountains Ride (21-24 Nov 2017)

Start date: Tuesday, 21 November 2017
End date: Friday, 24 November 2017

Come riding in the Snowy Mountains with the SR500 Club!

Bethanga, the site of the SR500 Club’s Annual Rally, is right on the doorstep of some of the best motorcycle riding roads in Australia – the beautiful Snowy Mountains. If you haven’t ridden in the Snowy Mountains before, do yourself a favour and come along with like-minded riders for a couple of days and experience the wonderful scenery and quiet, sealed roads that cater for all riding styles and abilities.

The group will ride through the Snowy Mountains for a couple of days during the week prior to the Rally and then meander back to Bethanga on Friday to join the regular Rally festivities. Khancoban, NSW (150 km East of Bethanga via the river road), will be our base from which the daily rides will start and finish on Wednesday and Thursday. Each ride will cover approx. 320 km per day. The ride back to Bethanga will be on the Murray Valley Hwy and the Granya Gap. Total distance of the ride will be just over 900 km, if you ride each day. Some of the roads go through remote areas so it’s very important that your bike, and especially its tyres, are in good condition.

The plan for the ride will be totally fluid, so riders can join or leave it as they wish. You can do the full ride or just one day, or perhaps half a day – it’s up to you. As a guide, I (Tony) personally plan on setting up my tent in Bethanga on the Tuesday (21 Nov) prior to the Rally and then travelling that afternoon to Khancoban where I will be staying Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. The rides out of Khancoban will depart at 9:00am each day from the service station (there’s only one, so you can’t miss it!), and will return around 3:00pm or so – later if you make a lot of stops to take in the scenery.

There are plenty of accommodation options in Khancoban, ranging from inexpensive camping and cabins through to self-contained motel rooms at the local pub, to very nice multi-room cabins which are perfect for a small group of 3 or 4 riders, or couples, to share with cooking facilities/BBQ’s, etc. Contact details for each of these options are posted below for your consideration. If you think you might like to attend the ride, I’d suggest you make your accommodation bookings early, as at this time of year, the region is extremely popular with motorcyclists, campers, fishermen, etc.

Breakfast is available at several cafes in town, and dinner at the hotel or Country Club.

Accommodation details are as follows.  Suggest you check out the facilities and prices on their websites.

For planning purposes, the SR500 Club Rally will be held in Bethanga, VIC, on the weekend of 24-26 November, 2017. The SR500 Club Snowy Mountains Ride will be based in Khancoban, NSW, from Tuesday 21 November through Friday 24 November, 2017.

The Club’s Snowy Mountains Ride is open to all SR500 Club members, their partners and any non-members or mates you may wish to invite.

For more information, contact Tony Jones (0419 150 669).